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From the extrovert to the family orientated, from the pragmatic to the fun loving, from the green environmentalist to the sustainable, from the social chef to the professional, Beaufix can define your lifestyle.

At Beaufix, our forte is being able to actualize your vision for that perfectly balanced environment of space and form and to bridge functionality with aesthetics wholly defining your lifestyle.

Since its inception in 1978, Beaufix Enterprises Sdn. Bhd. has been at the forefront of completing your vision with state-of-the-art European furnishing, supported by a deep understanding of your needs with an appreciation to detail and lifestyle. Over the past few decades, we have developed strong relationships with European manufacturers, and are a major importer of innovative products, services and solutions, particularly in the furniture, cooking appliances and woodworking sectors.

Our forte is in realising your vision with the perfect balance of style and form. We have an innate sense of harmonising elements to bridge functionality and aesthetics. Because we know that every space has a story to tell, and our commitment is ensuring every single one is as memorable as it is extraordinary

A Focus on the Beautiful

After almost four decades in the business, Beaufix has the track record and expertise needed to be your trusted and reputable solutions provider and the key to realising your vision. Having established ourselves in the industry, we are able to recognise trends and preferences, allowing us deeper insight into the requirements of our clients.

This is the evident in our experienced and extremely motivated sales team, each of whom come with extensive expertise and, most importantly, keen attention to detail. Our long history in the industry also allows us to provide optimal solutions to define your lifestyle.

Combined with a strong network with offices in Selangor, Kuantan, Muar and Penang, we are primed to help our clients bring their exquisite spaces to life, minus the hassle and worries.