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Access to Artistry

One of the advantages of being an established player in the market is gaining exclusive access to proprietary products and offerings. Our relationships with renowned European furniture and fixture companies as well as leading suppliers of furniture storage systems and cooking appliances is such that some of them have entrusted us with exclusive distribution of their brand in Malaysia. These include:



Foster history is rooted in innovation in built-in appliances and a strong passion for art which as supported projects of cultural interest as well as environmental protection. That is the reason why industrial development and artistic interest lead to a combination of events useful for the comprehension of our past.




Introduce Italian ingenuity into your kitchen with the beautiful and extensive Forseti range. Combining ease of operation and state of the art technology, Forsetti appliances bring a signature Italian style. Crafted to suit your specific needs, Forseti designs are easy to install, use, and maintain - and are available in a range of stunning options to complement your lifestyle and décor.




Swiss company peka has developed and manufactured pull-out systems and complete solutions for the kitchen and furniture industry for 50 years. Its products are developed in close cooperation with customers – they are user-friendly, space-saving and built to the highest quality standards.




Avonite® Acrylic Solid Surface is a product from Aristech which is a product from Aristech has a long-standing reputation for innovation and continues to offer the broadest and most appealing selection of solid surface designs available in the market today. Avonite® is used for everything from kitchen countertops to retail displays, hospital bathrooms, military showers and much more. Our trend-setting polyester and acrylic based designs and colors, coupled with peerless quality, durability and performance, continue to separate Avonite® surfaces from other solid surface.




Veronite® is a blend of acrylic, natural minerals and pigments which produces a smooth, non-porous product that can be engineered into various forms and shapes that define your home or workplace. It’s non-porosity provides excellent hygiene and a worry free environment for your family or workplace.




Stonehenge® is a collection of surfaces where every texture and color is a result of a unique vision. It is created from a mix of 93% quartz and 7% of color pigments and resins. Quartz is the second hardest natural mineral after diamond resulting in a product of exceptional resistance and beauty. It has the natural feel and appearance of natural quartz with a higher resistance threshold. With an extensive range of colours, patterns, designs and finishes it is ideal for kitchen worktops, floors, walls and in all surfaces, that have to withstand intensive use.




GRASS was formed more than 65 years ago. The history of the Mepla factory goes further back still, the company having manufactured furniture fittings in Germany as early as 1929. A little more than ten years ago, the Mepla works merged with Alfit AG from Götzis/Austria, which had been formed in 1976. Both companies were acquired by the international Würth group in the nineties, and since 2004 GRASS also belongs to the Würth group.




Founded in Padua, Italy in 1948, Cinetto's presence in 48 countries, specializes in the production of sliding systems.
CINETTO'S philosophy is to make your life space simpler, more comfortable, safer. Sliding systems, systems for equipped walls, systems for equipping and closing walk-in wardrobes, accessories and furnishing complements.


We also import quality items from reputable European names such as Schwinn and Koblenz. From sliding doors, wardrobe systems and solid surface materials, to built-in kitchen solutions, storage systems and accessories, Beaufix has everything you need for that stylish, elegant finish, every time.